Mucho traffic

A playful partner for generating online leads

We combine long-term perspective and high quality products baked with confidence, culture and innovation.

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Our products

Just like our competitors, we are aiming for best possible quality. But, with the mucho touch we are forming new brands beyond normal.


Our sweet little product Fia has since her launch in 2018 provided thousands of Swedish players with quality reviews and lastest promotions. As a hero Fia is caring, colorful and aware.


The sweet blond sister Amy is multi-talented and have provided Swedish, UK and Czech visitors with sharp comparisons since the launch in 2019.


As any odd brother Brad is currently exploring America. We hope he get settled and can help US players to the best possible guide for online gambling in the states.

Ain't like others


Playful, creative and odd enough to build our own path for the future.


Compliance with regulations and long-lasting partnerships with clients are our highest priorities.


A little bit of fun never jeopardized the quality and ambition of our products.

Trusted by others

Some brands are big, some are small. We don't care about size. What matters to us is that your product rocks. If it does - we will gain mucho new customers.